Meet the Hosts




Loves the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, watching actresses talk through tears in Oscar bait performances, and practicing his Oscar speech in the bathroom mirror (preferably while wearing a towel dress).

Colin is not an actor.

He lives in Brooklyn with an owl-raccoon-cat hybrid named Marco and a lot of uncooked Blue Apron recipes.



His Snatch Game characters would be Mae Mordabito (A League of Their Own), Nomi (Showgirls), or Mona Lisa Vito (My Cousin Vinny). 

He believes everyone thinks they are pretty damn smart until they try to turn on someone else's shower. 

He's a vegetarian bicyclist living in Brooklyn, NY with his one transgender orange cat, Ella.  


“F*** the page. The margin is where the f***in’ party is at.”
— - Ilana Glazer, What's The T? Podcast