Queen Out.

We’re two parts Drag Race viewing party, one part queer studies lecture and a healthy dose of obscure pop culture references, all wrapped in a nuanced layer of Dad jokes and pun-offs and served weekly with a side of piping-hot tea.

Alright Mary is a deep dive into RuPaul’s Drag Race, the world of Drag Race and the paradigm that RuPaul has created with this little (bidi-bidi) TV show.



"What's a little Edie?  ... Well, she's not that little."


We hope to extend the conversations about RuPaul's Drag Race to include larger ones about misogyny, gender, homophobia, trans and queer rights, and the performance of drag as an evolving art form. 

By analyzing the behaviors, choices, and challenges presented on the show, we want to open up a deeper dialogue about queer people and the struggle to find out who they are beneath their own "drag."

(But we'll certainly be fangirl-ing over those looks too, Mary!)