The Velvet Rage 

Ever wonder why gay men behave the way they do?  Why so many gay men obsess over their appearance, their living space, or sex?  This book offers an interesting paradigm for those questions.  Check it out, Mary!

Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris (Yes, the brother of Jerri Blank) is a hilarious writer who tells autobiographical accounts of his family, his love life, and his experiences living in France and not speaking any French.  The stories are short stories that don't really connect, so it's perfect for a commuter.  

Shock Value 

John Waters is one of the first writer/directors to celebrate the queer aesthetic, the taboo, and the feeling of shock for a movie-watcher.  His book discusses his philosophies on art, culture, and what it's like to expose societal norms for what they are: a sham. 


the celluloid closet 

This book is essential for anyone interested in understanding Queer Theory in film and a place to begin when it comes to looking at media through a queer lens.  So much is hidden in context and throughout history-- it's important to stay aware of it all!  It's an Alright Mary MUST. 

drag queens of new york

Need we say more, Mary?  Get to know some legendary queens in this herstory lesson of a book.